• Pasta dish with ground beef and bechamel sauce
  • Grilled octopus with lentils

Athens on Easy Street

About us

Athens on Easy Street is a family owned and operated restaurant based around sharing good food with great company. With family recipes passed down for generations and a passion for sharing food and the experiences of life, we are excited to bring a Mediterranean flare to Carefree, AZ. 

Our restaurant is based around an idea as old as time, the earliest name for hospitality, a concept called Philoxenia, or being a friend to strangers. 

…so what is Philoxenia? 

Eons ago, the ancient Greeks believed that you could not be sure who might be a god in disguise. This strong belief ensured that Mediterranean hosts would treat any visiting strangers like their honored guests – never sure if that guest would be the one to bring fortune to them and their loved ones. While the times have changed since Ancient Greece, this practice endures and has led to the development of a culture of generosity towards strangers – of guests – of opening up a space at the table, sharing bread and wine, relishing in the history of their familial customs and simply being courteous to people you don’t know.

At Athens on Easy Street, we have taken this practice to heart. We hope to share the food and drinks we have come to love with everyone, but especially our guests who might be unfamiliar with our style of fare. We strive to include our family history and passion for hospitality in every part of our service.

 At our restaurant we welcome you into our home.